About Leonor Anthony

Leonor Anthony is a contemporary artist born in Havana, Cuba. She immigrated with her family to the United States as a very young child. Leonor is an accredited scholar, painter, photographer, and published author. Since 2013 Leonor has held the prestigious title of Artist in Residence of the Florida International University’s Honors College and is the founder and curator of the FIU’s Honors College Art Collection.

"The impetus of my work is my need to communicate and share a common human experience. I talk, feel and hopefully touch, through art. My work is my word and my truth."

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Art Series

Mixed Media

Many of Leonor’s works are mixed media, from which Leonor creates a physical representation of her thoughts, questions, and observations of the world, many of which are also our own.

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Rendezvous Series

The Rendezvous Series, one of Leonor’s newest series, is made up of works that commemorate the great Jean Michel Basquiat, an artist whom Leonor feels a personal connection with, and highlight the significant commonalities between the two artists.

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Flag Series

The Flag Series is a series of works in which Leonor uses a flag, American or Cuban, and other found items, including photographs, to create a story that connects the past to the present.

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Einstein Series

The Einstein Series is a series made up of works of different mediums, such as digital drawings and paintings, that portray Albert Einstein. Leonor’s Einsteins can be found all over the globe.

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Leonor has several different installations, that although may seem completely different on the surface, are rooted with the same goal. Leonor’s installations aim to aim to raise awareness, much like her other works do.

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Artist Activist


Art as my Voice

Leonor is best known for using art as a vehicle of activism. Her views concerning human rights, the environment, education and the welfare and empowerment of women throughout the world are the framework of her creations, regardless of medium. Her work turning towards minimalism and the time travel continuum highlight the magnitude and prevalence of social issues throughout history.


Contact Leonor Anthony

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